Trained musically in Barcelona, he studied piano and harmony with different teachers, widening his knowledge with the composer and orchestra conductor Adolfo Villalonga.
He studied sound and production in CEV in Barcelona and received a grant to continue his studies in the masters offered by TV3 Televisió de Catalunya and l’Institut Català de Noves Professions.
He was part of the first stage of Microfusa Formación, designing the computer music technology program and parts of the syllabus used in the professional audio courses.
He worked in several studios in Barcelona, and was in charge of the Tuenty sound studios during his last three years in the city.
He has composed music for advertising and television, working for different producers and agencies like Warner Bros, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Capitol, BBC, PBS Tv, Bassat Ogilvy, Casadevall y Pedreño, Rosebud y Singular Audiovisual, among others.
He has taken part in projects for the Kodak Theater of Los Angeles, the Royal Albert Hall in London, the Gran Teatre del Liceu of Barcelona or the Palau de la Música.
Finalist in different award ceremonies, the Premios de la Música and the Grammys amongst some of them.
Amongst his productions and collaborations, the most notable are those carried out for Andy McPherson, Jamie Catto, Caïm Riba, Che Sudaka, David Lynch, Jimmy Page, Jaume Compte, Danny Thompson, John Cameron, Donovan, Marcel Cranc, Sethler, Richard Bonynge and Schiffkowitz.
His passions are cycling, trekking and flying. When he was a young boy, he saw a unicorn from the bus, but nobody else seemed to have seen it.
He is responsible for Studio 2, and he combines live work with studio work.
He has taken part in sound engineering and live recording of artists like Kiri Te Kanawa, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Balearic Islands and Daniel Barenboim amongst others, as well as the production of the Smooth Jazz Festival in Mallorca.
A responsible sound engineer, assistant and monitor sound engineer in different concerts for national and international artists passing through the island.
He has carried out and formed part of the production, recording and mixing of many bands in Mallorca, the most notably being Rap Rural, Victor Tugores, Mash It Up, Ballugall, The Full Metal Jackets, Misty Mountain, Neurotic Disorder.
He is part of various musical bands as a bass player and drummer.
A lover of wind, sea and anything to do with surfing. When he was little he thought that moving house every year was the done thing, as his family moved house constantly.
She combines working in the studio with her job as a lawyer.
If you would like to get in touch with her directly, you can do so at her office in the same building as the studio, her phone number is 971 559 337.
She is our best public relations as well as providing us with that fresh opinion which we so often need after long work sessions. She also brings us back to earth when we float away too much.
She is fascinated by the sea, literature and trekking. When she was little she swears she saw a UFO and all those who were with her saw it too.
A restless and many-faceted mind, he is in charge of our image and social media.
He was part of different indie bands in Buenos Aires until he decided to up roots and move to Mallorca, where he develops an intense musical activity, together with his band, as a composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist.
His activity as a plastic artist has given him various awards, he has been part of different artistic collectives and has exhibited in numerous art galleries.
He specializes in the design of album covers and graphic design for musicians, He has a book of short stories published and another in the works.
He loves fantasy literature and science fiction and horror films. He says he saw a UFO when he was little, but in this case, nobody believed him.