Alejandro Blasi

His activity and experience has been developed from music, plastic arts and literature. He collaborates with Calma Estudis on a freelance basis.
A restless and many-faceted mind, he is in charge of our image and social media.
He was part of different indie bands in Buenos Aires until he decided to up roots and move to Mallorca, where he develops an intense musical activity, together with his band, as a composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist.
His activity as a plastic artist has given him various awards, he has been part of different artistic collectives and has exhibited in numerous art galleries.
He specializes in the design of album covers and graphic design for musicians, He has a book of short stories published and another in the works.

He loves fantasy literature and science fiction and horror films. He says he saw a UFO when he was little, but in this case, nobody believed him.