Musical Production
We have two studios where you can carry out any project without budget being a problem.
In both studios the recording is done with class A equipment, and the recording room is common to the two control rooms.
We have a large selection of microphones and mic pre amps, both vintage and new generation.
Our normal recording format is 96khz 24bits in both studios and in Estudi 1 we have a great quantity of outboard equipment for mixing in analogue format.
Also, in Estudi 1, we have a Dolby Atmos and mastering suite with the best analogue and digital equipment on the market.
We have a lot of experience in musical production, which is at your disposal should you need it to help you with your songs, and we can either take charge of the production from the very beginning and find the best options for your project, or we can direct you in the aspects that you need.
We have session musicians, arrangers, singers and all the technical and artistic equipment to help you give the final touches that your compositions may need.

If you need more detailed information, please get in touch. We will be happy to be of help.