Estudi 1

Recording system:
Protools HDX, 96 khz – 24 bits.
Pro Tools Ultimate 2022 + Logic Pro X + Dolby Atmos Renderer.
Mac Studio

AD/DA converters:
Cranesong Hedd 192
Euphonix AM 713 x 2 (52 inputs)
Euphonix MA
703 x 2 (52 outputs)
Tascam DA3000

Crookwood C1
Bram Modular custom console with Avid artist mix 24 faders + Avid artist transport
Analog summing system Kahayan Epsilon II Special Edition  32 channels + Solid 4000, Kahayan, Vintage 12K72 and passive bus.

Reflexion Arts 236 Ext
Bryston 4BSST² PRO power amps
Genelec Dolby Atmos 9.1.4

Mic amps:
Neumann 476 x 12
Prism Sound MMA-4XR
Telefunken V77 x 2
Neve 1272 x 4

Neumann U67 x 2
Neumann Km184 x 4
Akg 414 ULS x 2
Akg 451B
Coles 4038 x 2
Rlabs R121 x 4
Electrovoice N/D868
Sennheiser E906 x 2
Sennheiser MD 421 x 4
Shure SM11 x 2
Shure Beta 52
Shure SM 57 x 4
Shure SM 58 x 2

Prism Sound MEA-2
Manley Vari Mu
Solid State Logic G384
Solid State Fusion
Prism Sound MLA-2
Softube Console 1

Plug ins:
UAD, Softube, Waves, Eventide, Soundtoys, Sonnox, etc.

2 tracks recorders:
Tascam DA3000

Antelope OCX-HD

Auxiliar outboard:
Tascam MH-8
Emagic Unitor 8
Smart Research DDI
Palmer PDI09
Kahayan Custom made ReAmp
OZ audio – Q mix

Yamaha C3
Upright piano Kemble 121
Fender Rhodes Mk1 73
Studiologic Acuna 88
Korg T1
Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 9
Extensive sound libraries and virtual synths ( Spitfire Audio, Soundiron, 8DIO, VSL, SonicCouture, Spectrasonics, UVI, Native Instruments, Korg, Gmedia, Arturia, etc.)

Mogami, Gottham, Van Damme and Neutrik

We can get hold of any other equipment. Ask us for information, we will be happy to be of help.