Talent Room

In the recording room we have a Yamaha C3 grand piano which is meticulously and constantly maintained, which allows us to carry out recordings with almost perfect tuning and balance.

We have a video signal from both studios, which allows us to work both audio and video in synchronization for the recording of spots, dubbing, ADR or any project which requires the visualization of images during the recording of the audio.

The lighting system and curtains allow us regulate the visual insulation from the recording room to the controls and the outside, enabling us to create the perfect atmosphere in order to maximize attention and creativity.

The Talent Room, Estudi 1 and Estudi 2 have natural light, independent air renewal systems and climate control.

The insulation between the three spaces, despite the fact that the recording room is common to both controls, allows us to carry out a recording in one of the controls and a mix at the same time in the other control without interference.

If you require more detailed information, please get in touch. We will be happy to be of help.