Virtual Studio

We can mix your songs without you having to come to our studios, thereby offering you greater comfort and even more competitive prices. You only have to send us your tracks and we will send you back your song mixed and mastered.
If you have mixed the songs yourself you can send them to us to master, and in this case, we can offer you three options, Dolby Atmos, stereo mastering or by stems:
Stereo mastering is the most common, send us your stereo and we will give it the final touches with our mastering equipment.
Mastering by stems is more complex but more complete. You can send us your songs broken down into groups of instruments so that we can mix them with our analogue and digital equipment, without modifying your mix, treating the signal in sections and thus having more control over each part of the spectrum.
Mastering in Dolby Atmos allows you to adapt your songs to the current formats on digital platforms. We can do it from a stereo o by stems.
Another part of our virtual studio is dedicated to the recording of session musicians for your projects. We can record the drums you need for your composition, guitars, bass, a string section and anything that you would like to add to your songs. Send us a pre-mix and we will send you back the tracks of our recording so that you can complete your project.
We have a long list of session musicians with great experience to carry out the recording of the tracks you need.

If you need more detailed information, please get in touch. We will be happy to be of help.